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Draft: Update Docker tag to v2024

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change (source) stage major 2023.3.12 -> 2024.1.4

Release Notes

roadrunner-server/roadrunner (


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Temporal plugin:
  • 🐛: Fix Local activities executed on the Workflow PHP Worker instead of the Activity PHP Worker: BUG. With this fix, LA performance should see a significant increase. (thanks @​Zylius)


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RR core:
  • 🔥: Deprecate RR_* env variables prefix. This was an undocumented feature which caused confusion, because any configuration value might be automatically replaced (without using env in the configuration) with a matching RR_* environment variable, MR.
Temporal plugin:
  • 🔥: Enable client certificate rotation: FR. With this change you may replace certificate on a Live system. (thanks @​benkelukas)
  • 🔥: Expose continue_as_new_suggested for the PHP Worker: MR.
  • 🐛: Reduce number of maxPollRecords from 10k to 100, MR.
Endure container:
  • 🐛: Fix incorrectly used error log message: MR.
  • 🔥: Update Go to v1.22.4.

RoadRunner PHP:

  • 🔥: Add RR_VERSION env to the Environment class: MR, (thanks @​Kaspiman)


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Upcoming new JOBS driver: google-pub-sub:
  • 🔥: Currently in a polishing phase, the new plugin will be released as part of the v2024.2.0. Stay tuned! (thanks @​cv65kr)
gRPC plugin:
  • 🐛: strip extra slashes when there is no package defined in the protofile: MR, (thanks @​satdeveloping)
OTEL plugin:
RR core plugin:
  • 🐛: RR workers/reset commands don't respect default config values: BUG, (thanks @​r4m-alexd)


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HTTP plugin:
gRPC plugin:
  • 🔥 Remove experimental status from the OTEL in gRPC, MR
  • 🔥 Additional debug logging for the maxExecs with jitter: MR (thanks @​Kaspiman)


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Upgrade guide: link

HTTP plugin:
  • 🔥 Use protobuf encoded payloads to prevent field reordering and JSON escaped symbols.
Kafka driver:
  • 🔥 Use a small random jitter to prevent the Thundering herd problem when user uses max_jobs option and all the workers restarted at the same time. This feature is enabled automatically. (thanks @​Kaspiman)


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